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      Why have you removed the two ID3 Tag box option?
      Previously I was able to compare both tags at the same time. This is important where you have a long ID32 tag yet only show ID31 tags, such as in the car. Now I find I am having to manually go through these one ata a time instead of being able to compare on the fly.
      Also, I don’t understand the need to move and fix the folder structure on the right.
      Also, I notice you are still insisting we have to select each change box one at a a time. There should be a check all button to toggle selection, or the ability to store the settings to use each time.
      Also, I notice you still have not improved the tag name from filename even though this has been requested many times. It still writes the same information in both track and artist fields.
      Please stop mucking about with cosmetic changes and stick with fixing bugs and making it easier and better to use.
      Change for change sake and a change for the worse.

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      It just takes a little adjustment to a new use. In the main window, position the ID3v1 view, and ‘Edit ID3 Tags’ write tags. As soon as you click Save button, the changes will be visible in the upper window.

      Renaming Fail from the ID3 tag is repaired in the new version of the program.

      That’s why we’re trying to make the program easier to use for new users old users will have to adapt to a new way of using.

      Cosmetic changes are also important because they dictate and compatibility with the new standards.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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