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      Zortam Support

      First of all, thanks for such a great product. I use it daily.

      I would like to see a new tagging option to “invert” Artist name. I get a large number of files that have “Last, First” in the filename & artist tag. An option to put them back in the correct order would save me (and maybe many others) hours of cut and paste.

      Next: Don’t know if this is possible or not.
      I use the “capitalize word” option a lot. Is there a way you can code this option to allow artist names like McEntire to remain when I use the Capatalize feature, either in the “group” or single mode”? I set the tags like I like them, but when I do a file “rename” the artist name always canges EVEN when I have the option set to make no changes. Don’t know if this is a bug or not.

      Thanks again for all your time and efforts to such a usefull tool.


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