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      First and foremost; I am an AmaroK baby, forced to use Windows, and I have fallen in love with this interface. Now, rather than wishing that AmaroK would port to Windows, I find myself wishing that Zortam would port to KDE! Thank you! If I can sort out these small issues, or even get an ETA on their being sorted, I swear I will purchase pro that very day, and recommend this program to every person I know, and every person I meet, not for your sake, but for theirs! I do not know why it took me this long to find you.

      I use Zortam primarily as a /player/; however this really bothers me:

      I would like my MP3 list to be sorted by Artist, then by Album, and then by Track Number, and I cannot figure out how to do that.

      At the moment, if I select Artist as the sort column, there seems to be no logic in the way that the files are sorted within each artist grouping; it appears to me that they are completely unsorted. This means that when playing these files, they are basically randomized, and the Album is an important unit of music in my habit. I abhor set playlists; I find them tedious and static, and have removed from my view everything except the main MP3 list (it functions surprisingly fast with a large list loaded). It’s this little thing that prevents the Zortam interface from being my entire world, and effectively reduces the “playlist” to the same level of functionality as a (very pretty) maximised Winamp playlist — imagine that!!?

      I would also like the main MP3 list window to proceed to the following track as though it were the playlist window (which, having removed all but the MP3 list window, it took me some time to locate). As I mentioned above, playlists are anathema to me.

      Please tell me how to do this! I can see that so much thought and hard work has gone into the creation of this program that surely, there must already exist a way to accomplish this which of course, I have missed completely.

      THANK YOU 10X!!


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