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      I encountered problems sorting mp3s by track # (Stück #) or generating
      track#-tags using ID3v2-tags. Its easy to generate ID3v1-tags including
      the track # in which the single digit track# have zero in front,
      example: 01 ,02, ..,09, using the filiname-to-tag-function. This way,
      you can later easily sort mp3 by track numbers.

      If you try to generate an ID3v2-track#-tags from the filenames, even if
      they are properly named (01, 02, …), zortam will only produce single
      digtit track#s. The same will happen if you try to sychronize ID3v2 from
      ID3v1. With such tags, it will not be possible to sort mp3 properly.

      Can you help us here?

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      Zortam Support

      You have options in Tools -> Format ID3v2 tracks (0x) which will add in
      batch leading zero for single digit song numbers.

      Zortam Support

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      Zortam Support

      Hi there,
      I have a similar problem as The Professional. When I select a track or group of track and access the Format ID3v2 tracks(0x) from the Tools menu, nothing happens!
      What am I not doing correctly?

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      Zortam Support

      If you want to see track number (0x) changes you need to select from [Main Menu]-[Show ID3v2 Tags] or just use hotkey Ctrl+2.

      Zortam Support

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