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    I am evaluating both the Media Studio and the ID3 Tag Editor programs. The ID3 Tage editor seems to do all I want and is cheaper, but I’m sure there are many features in the Media Studio that make it worth the extra amount. Any comments from users? Also, when I sort MP3s in the ID3 Tage Editor program by file, it sorts as I expect, with a true sort from top to bottom. When I sort by file in the Media Studio program, it groups all the songs by folder. Why is that and is there a way to make it sort without regard to what folder the MP3s are in? I am clicking on the file column to sort, not the folder column. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Sorting works fine?!

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    If I sort by filename using ID3 Tag Editor it sorts like this:
    01-armed and ready.mp3, folder=MS
    01-arnold layne, folder=PF
    01-back in the ussr, folder=BB

    If I sort by filename using Music Studio it sorts like this:
    01-poison arrow, folder=80s
    02-lets dance, folder=80s
    03-love shack, folder=80s

    Notice how Music studio sorts the files differently, grouping by folder name.

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