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      Hi!, I download Zortam Media Studio to try the autotagging feature. But I have a problem. I read in another post that Zortam use MBCS encoding, and it says that MBCS handles foreign characters:

      “Zortam uses Multibyte Character Set (MBCS).

      MBCS is 1 or 2 bytes per character. UNICODE is 2 bytes. MBCS handles foreign characters.”

      However, when I load my tracks in Zortam library ir replaces all the “Accent Mark” on the ID3 tags with another character. For example:

      I have a track named: “Jesús de Chamberí”
      When I load that track in Zortam it renames to: “Jeszs de Chamberm”

      What happens here?

      Thanks, Best regards

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