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      Zortam Support

      The player works fine except, if you click on a single mp3 and set it to Play it plays over and over endlessly, and this is with “Repeatdeselected. Just to make sure it knew it was deselected I selected it, let it run for a bit, then deselected “Repeat” selected a new song and that song then played endlessly. Apparently the “Repeat” option off the tool tray icon is not functional? This is the 3rd anomaly I’ve had since my purchase, the other two situations are separately posed in this forum.

      I’m not exhaustively trying to use this application and break it, but even in my casual foray into using it as a beginner and new owner I have already run across three things that shouldn’t be (four if you count that stopping the program from starting with every boot wasn’t an option I saw in the install and five if autostart can’t be turned off via settings once Zortam is installed). I’d be happy to be wrong on any of this.

      Thanks in advance for your support,

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