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    Zortam Support

    I have the same problem/desire.

    All my music is:
    DriveLetter:MusicFolderArtistAlbumTrack # – Title.mp3

    As this is accepted by virtually all hardware players and will play songs in order whether the player supports track number playing or not. So it’s important to preface filenames with the track number.

    So I’d like to keep my collection in this format but I have to use and external tool to rename after Zortam gets done ripping.

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    Zortam Support

    I have been thinking about this as well. At a minimum you should be able to name RIPS the same as you can do a Rename from ID3 tags. The drop down list should contain the same values (including the ability to customize the format) as in the Rename Dialog.

    On a related note, is it possible to rename to a different “Tree”. For instance I have a jumbled mess of directories that don’t follow my filing scheme. I would like to rename the files into a new Directory Hierarchy such that everything in that directory is known to conform to my scheme.

    Try as I might, I can’t get the custom rename to do anything other than rename starting in the files current directory. Is this possible or a needed feature?

    This is what I want:
    c:messArtistAlbumTitle -> c:fixedArtistAlbumTitle

    Instead I end up with:
    c:messArtistAlbumTitle -> c:messArtistAlbumC_ArtistAlbumTitle


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    Zortam Support

    Thanks for suggestion.

    Zortam Support

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    Zortam Support

    On the filename format when ripping a cd is a drop down box. This doesn’t enable a user to create the tags as they would see fit. I was thinking of creating it to say the user type “%Track Num% – %Title%” would give the program flexability for the filenames instead of the built in ones already provided. I personally like my music sorted as DriveLetter:MusicFolderArtistAlbumTrack # – Title.mp3 and am currently unable to get the filenames as I prefer them without using the other tools or an outside program.

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