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      Zortam Support

      So I just purchased zortam pro :-)
      I did notice something however… Theres no forms of logging I can find! I would love to have a nice logging system in there and it wouldnt be a bad idea. Perhaps a text file that can be read through, or the ability to see the history of changes done to files in the library?

      exibit A. I retag a file not paying attention. 6 months later I listen to the song and its the wrong song! I have no way of telling the exact name, etc if I labeled it wrong and dont know it off the top of my head.
      Perhaps I made some changes to the file and made a mistake down the line and want to help track it.

      This is ESPECIALLY useful when doing things to mp3 files enmass… Sometimes doing a bulk id3 change you screw up and need to see what it used to do.

      Maybe a per file undo function? dunno thinking out loud. Just a few ideas though.

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