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      I’m having a simular problem.
      I have a folder with various Albums. Autotaging seems to recognize the Albums, because it rewrites the Album name for example from High (from the Cure) to High [UK Import], but it doesn’t add the Title. Covers are also downloaded as well as Song text. Don’t understand this behaviour.

      Any hints would be greatly appreciated as I too have an enourmous amount of files I would like to tag.

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      Zortam Support


      I just registered the Pro version and am having some problems. I got Zortam to “fix” my large colleciton of MP3 tags as well as add album art.

      I’ve only played with this for a couple hours but am having problems in a couple areas…

      1) I can’t figure out how to have Zortam fix the tags and am getting strange behavior here as well. One of the main problems I’m having is in the area of the song TITLE. Right now I’m running some tests on 3 albums of MP3s. Two of the albums are single disk and one of them is a 2 disk set. All these were in one large folder and I have copied them to their own folder which is the name of the album. The MP3s are currently tagged with the correct album name. So, I click on the folder name and Zortam finds the 12 songs which are the 12 tracks of the album. But, since I originally had these in a large folder, I had several duplicates (artist sings same song on different albums for example) so the file name might look like this, for example: Jimmy Buffet – Volcano(2).mp3 The TITLE tag is Volcano(2). This is incorrect and it should just be “Volcano”. I’ve used the Search Amazon as well as the Zortam Autotag and I can’t get the ID3 tags to “update” to the correct TITLE tag. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program. After I did this, ONCE, Zortam removed all the (2) from the ends of the titles in the upper right window but nothing changed in the ID3v1 or ID3v2 windows and nothing I did made what I was seeing in the upper window go to the below windows. I then did something else and all the (2) on the ends of the titles came back even in the upper window!?!? How can I get this to work?

      2) For one of the albums it has two disks so my folder structure is the album title with two sub folders called “disc 1” and “disc 2”. What I thought I could do is click the “Search Media” button and specify to search for files in the album folder and then it would find all songs in the disc 1 and disc 2 folders. That way I could “work” with that one album even though it is located in 2 folders. Well, when I do this, it doesn’t matter folder I tell Zortam to look in, it’ll bring in all files Zortam has ever looked at??? I want it to bring up in the upper right window only the files in the folder and sub folders that I select. Why can I not get this to work?

      3) I noticed that one time when I highlighted all 12 songs for an album that I had in an album folder and did either an Amazon or Zortam autotag that on the last song (song #12) it made the title tag be for the first song (song #1) for the ID3v2 tag but not the ID3v1 tag or the upper window??? Have no idea what happened here and I couldn’t get it to duplicate.

      Looks like a nice program but either I’m missing the big picture or there are some big bugs in it that are really getting in my way! :)

      Any help would be appreciated. I have registered the program and want to use it but with me not being able to fix my tags, it isn’t going to work for me :(


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