Unable to edit ID3 v2

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      Ok I am trying to edit my ID3 v2. But when I do I get an error that tells me to delete the tag first. So I tried to do this but with no success. I have tried to edit them in other editors and they work fine. But it is only in certain directories. Other directories are fine and I can edit them without a problem.

      Also for whatever reason zortam is picking up duplicate files from those certain directories that are not there. I have no Idea how this happens, I have gone in and tried to see if there was any other files that were not supposed to be in that directory but there are not. After paying 29.99 this is very frustrating. I have tried un-installing and then reinstalling. I have shut down and rebooted. I have done everything that I can think of to no avail.

      Please help,

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