v1 Tag Weirdness

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    I have been using this program since version 2.00 and I am dismayed that a bug that existed then, still exists! Here is my list of grievances:

    1. When viewing the v1 tags, and i clear all of my v2 tags, the v1 tags in the grid disappear until i switch between v1 and v2. In the newest version (5.01), if i switch folders in the folder viewer, it only shows the names in the grid if they have v2. I have to do the same switch between v2 and v1 to see them.

    2. Settings that a make in dialogs (like renaming based on v1 tags), don’t save. i have to make that change over and over.

    Please fix these things. I like your app, but these things are major when I have many mp3s and dont populate the v2 tag to save size (and my media player is not compatible with them anyways).


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    Zortam Support

    Thanks for the info we will work to resolve this bug.

    Zortam Support

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