Why I can not save artwork to file?

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      I have started using the MP3 Media Pro application today, and like a lot of the features. I seem to be having a couple of difficulties though.

      I am having no success at all with the artwork piece. I have read the faq’s, and have tried the AutoTag function, but it doesn’t help. The Get Cover Art button always gives me a message saying that it couldn’t find a picture (lyrics are ok). I have also tried to add jpg’s manually (using the Windows Media player jpg’s and even some jpg’s that have nothing to do with music) with no luck either.

      Also, in the player window I am unable to make the lyrics appear. I can click the ‘A’ button and see it go on and off, but no lyrics appear. I have been able to save lyrics to the database, and when I play back the mp3’s that I have assigned the lyrics to, the lyrics are in the Cover/Art box, but not in the player.

      I downloaded the latest update today. I have included a screenshot of my version information. I am using Windows XP, Service Pack 2 with the latest Microsoft updates.

      Any help you can offer would be great. It looks like a great application.

      Thank you.

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      Zortam Support


      You might have some problems with writing to the disk. So I suggest you to check the file permission, if you are allowed to modify that file, and if the file is in use or not, in order to make the changes you want.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions.

      Zortam Support

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