Why is Zortam not filling in the ID3v1 genre field via Auto Tag?

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      Auto Tag downloads the data which it adds to both the IDv1 and IDv2 fields, with the exception of ‘genre’

      The ‘genre’ data is only filled in the ID3v2 field, the genre field in IDv1 remains empty.

      Zortam now shows the ID3v2 genre in the list pane which looks OK.

      When opening Zortam again or when the folder is reloaded, then by default Zortam shows the IDv1 genre tag in the list pane, which is empty.

      Now remains the question, why is Zortam not filling in the IDv1 genre field via Auto Tag?

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      Zortam Support


      There is an options in Main Menu Show Id3v1 tags or Show Id3v2 tags.
      You just need to change in main menu Show Id3v2 tags.

      So what is happening. ID3v1 tags have only 125 available genres and id3v2 tags they don’t have limit so
      you can write any genre you like. So Id3v1 genres stays empty if they are not found in 125 ID3v1 genres.

      ID3v1 genres:


      “Classic Rock”,









      “New Age”,












      “Death Metal”,







      “Jazz & Funk”,








      “Sound Clip”,



      “Altern. Rock”,






      “Instrumental Pop”,

      “Instrumantal Rock”,









      “Southern Rock”,




      “Top 40”,

      “Christian Rap”,



      “Native American”,


      “New Wave”,







      “Acid Punk”,

      “Acid Jazz”,




      “Rock & Roll”,

      “Hard Rock”,



      “National Folk”,


      “Fast Fusion”,







      “Gothic Rock”,

      “Progressive Rock”,

      “Psychadelic Rock”,

      “Symphonic Rock”,

      “Slow Rock”,

      “Big Band”,


      “Easy Listening”,






      “Chamber Music”,



      “Booty Bass”,


      “Porn Groove”,


      “Slow Jam”,






      “Power Ballad”,

      “Rythmic Soul”,



      “Punk Rock”,

      “Drum Solo”,



      “Dance Hall”


      Zortam Support

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