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      I tried installing Zortam 6.4. Install was sucessfu, but when it scanned for mp3s i recieved this error

      ZMMSPRO caused a general protection fault
      in module USER.EXE at 001e:00003b01.
      EAX=00000818 CS=168f EIP=00003b01 EFLGS=00000246
      EBX=17770000 SS=523f ESP=00008990 EBP=000089c0
      ECX=00010000 DS=166f ESI=000089c0 FS=435f
      EDX=00010002 ES=016f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
      Bytes at CS:EIP:
      67 66 ab 8b 46 e6 67 66 ab 66 8b 46 e8 67 66 ab
      Stack dump:
      02000818 00ef0000 4c3a00ae 00f3000a 000000d8 02000818 00000000 00ae00ef 00000001 c3bd0021 00060000 168f2d8c bff714d9 bffc0167 00a0c9d0 bffc016f

      im running windows 98 and ive tried it on 2 different pcs, experiencing the same error.

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