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      When lyrics are added by Zortam the characters “||” are added to the front. These are field separators with characters in front of “||” representing the language of the lyrics. For example, eng|| indicates that the lyrics that follow are in english.

      Windows Media Player 12 does not recognize Lyrics with a blank language field (i.e. the lyrics starting with just ||).

      Can you add an option in Zortam to set the Lyrics language? Perhaps it can be a a 3-char type-in field that is blank by default but can be changed by the user (a language selection dorp-down should be easy, but a type-in field will work)?

      Also, can you update Zortam to read lyrics that have the language code in front of ||? Once I change the lyrics formatting from || to eng||, Zortam no longer recognizes that the lyrics exist.



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      Displaying the lyrics in Windows Media Player 12 is not related to some malfunction of our software. We work according to the standard ID3.org. Windows Media Player 12 does not display lyrics as this is the decision of Microsoft. But this problem can be solved. Download the plugin http://www.lyricsplugin.com/ and you will solve your problem. A tutorial is available here http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/178748-windows-media-player-enable-song-lyrics.html

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