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      After reviewing several tag programs to clean up my MP3 collection I have found this to be the most powerful software I’ve found so far. However, here is a list of bugs I uncovered while testing

      1) The default config replaces the / character, but this wreaks havoc with ID3V2 track tags that are in the form xx/yy. If you do a single(alt-s) or batch update form the zortam db w/o unsetting the update track option, it renames track tags to xx_yy

      2) if I use the directory search tree to browse an album folder so that I can modify songs, the album name is then duplicated once for every song in the mp3 catalog tree. Song and artist only have a single entry as expected

      3) Cover pictures in the ID3V2 edit screen never display even though the buttons for import & export are available when appropriate and the cover/lyric viewer does show the cover

      4) Doing an alt-s update for pic/lyrics causes the song to have a wrong ID3V2 genre tag. ID3V1 is still correct and most of the time my genre was “acoustic”

      5) Volume in the status line @ the bottom of the program always shows the default configured volume level, not the volume level in the file

      6) Loading a jpg image for an album cover that I had downloaded elsewhere on the net caused an empty error message window titled “TB1”

      7) ID3V2 edit genre list is unsorted – ID3V1 is correct

      8) When I used the mp3 library, the mp3lib treeview’s “history” node had a large negative value for entries

      9) Copy id3v1->id3v2 and id3v2->id3v1 commands from the menu defaults to the last used command, not the one you selected. This has the painful effect of either doing nothing when you switch runs or worse, erasing ALL your tags when you use the overwrite all tags option and not noticing that the copy direction is not the one you requested

      10) RFE – move the mp3 player location slider beneath the control buttons. On a wider screen it is nice to doc the player @ the bottom or on a narrow side , but the slider is always scrolled out of reach

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