Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Review by maddownload.com

Like many similar programs, it has an automatic mp3 tagger feature which will help you manage any size media library. On top of that, it also has a de rigeur album art option and even a lyrics downloader. You can adjust volume and analyze BPM as well as download the mp3 files from your favorite YouTube videos without any problem at all.

If you already use iTunes, it will import that library automatically if you choose to do that.

As far as the album art and lyric downloaders go, you can download them as batches instead of doing them file by file. It will also automatically tag these files if you choose to do that.

For those users that still rip CDs, the advanced CD ripping options of the software will put in lyrics and album art for each song to give your final product a professional feel.

Of course, if you just want to listen to your music the tool has an excellent audio player.

It will let you organize your music by artist, album, music genre, and the year it was made. You can even build out playlists. Best of all (especially for people with huge libraries), it can find and help you eliminate duplicate MP3 files.

One especially cool feature is that it can even help you identify songs or mp3 files that have lost the file name or don’t have it. Using a music identification algorithm, Zortam Mp3 Media Studio can help you identify even the most obscure files by drawing upon its database to identify the file.

This works much like apps for your smartphone such as Apple’s Shazam.

Best of all is the price: Free or $29.95. The free version comes with most of the basic features you need, but the Pro version really unleashes all of the time-saving organizational power that lies at the core of Zortam Mp3 Media Studio.

It’s not that the free version isn’t good, it just doesn’t come with nearly enough features to justify using it over iTunes or something like that.

If the free version is all you think you need, you might want to give the Pro version another look as it comes with all of the robust cataloging and tagging features most users want.


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