How to Write ID3 tags from filename

Dialog “Write ID3 tags from filename”

With “Write ID3 Tags Editor From Filename” you can easily add or replace existing tags from filename.

Just select files you wish to add or replace tags and apply specific rules depending on the filename.
There are predefined format strings such as:

  • [Artist]-[Title]
  • [Artist]-[Album]-[Title]
  • [Artist]-[Album]-[Track]-[Title]
  • [Artist]-[Year]-[Album]-[Track]-[Title]
  • [Title]-[Artist]

Or you can use your [Custom Tags] rules to write tags from filename.
Using Write ID3 Tags Editor is especially useful if you don’t have an artist or track title tag.

Before you start writing tags to your files use preview dialog to see how your tags should look after writing to tags is done.


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